PO Box 397, 210 Eastford Road, Eastford, CT 06242

Phone: 860-974-9918         

Email: sales@stillrivermill.com


*Date:___________________               *Please contact us for specific return date requirements


Name: _____________________________________________________________________________


Company: __________________________________________________________________________




City:_______________________________________________   State: _________      Zip: _________


Phone: ________________________          Cell:__________________________


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*Processing Deposit:______________     *NOTE: On orders over 10 lbs, we require 50% deposit


Type of Fiber: __________________________________           Estimated Weight *: _____________

Number of Bags: ________________                                     Number of Boxes Shipped: _________



_____ Please wash

  ______  Already Washed


_____ Fiber Cleaning 

  ______  De-Hairing 





_____ Carded into Batts


_____ Carded into Roving


_____ Carded into Bumps


_____ Spun into Yarn


_____ Rug Yarn


_____ Felt


For Yarn Orders


Number of Ply: ________


Yarn Weight: __________


Slub Yarn:    ____  Yes   


Including Sample: yes no

_____ Cones

_____ Skeining/Washing  


_____________ Skein Size  






_____ Dyeing


_____ Weave Rugs


_____ Woven Products


_____  Knit Products


_____  Socks





 Please indicate batch information or other specific instructions on the back of this sheet.


To the best of my knowledge, my fiber is free from foreign materials such as manure clumps, sticks,

burrs, brambles, toenails, candy wrappers, twine, metal nails, chicken feathers, moth balls, grain,

dry feed, shoes, dryer sheets, show ribbons, or any other odd materials that you do not want included

in your finished fiber.


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