$7.93 / lb

Washing is generally required.  The washing process takes place in our specialized washing machine. Price is based incoming weight. 


 $17.00 / lb

* $20 minimum charge.

Dyeing is available either prior to carding or after the fiber is spun into yarn. We use Greener ShadesTM Metal-free Dyes. 


 $15.87 / lb 
 $20.97 / lb fine fibers/Special

 $31.73 / lb lace
* $50 minimum charge
* $2.27 /lb for bumps
* $3.97 /lb for Core Spun Yarn

Charges include picking and carding into batts or slivers.

Also, we can blend fibers that you provide to us, or we can obtain fibers to blend for you. Contact us with your needs. 

Fiber Cleaning

$12.19 / lb

Based on washed weight.  This is a run through the Fiber Separator to remove VM and second cuts, etc.


 $22.10 / lb

*Cashmere, Bison, Qiviut

 $56.65 / lb

Dehairing charge is based on washed weight. Dehairing is required for fleeces containing guard hairs, others by our recommendation or your request. Dehairing produces the highest quality product possible.


500-1000 yards/lb $20.35

1001-1500 yards/lb $22.95 1501-2000 yards/lb $25.79
Lace 2000+ yards/lb $44.19

Slub Yarn $25.79

All Spinning charges include spinning into singles, plying, steam setting the twist and winding onto cones.

* $100 minimum charge

Skeining / Final Washing

$3.58 / lb

All yarn will initially be put up onto cones.  You must indicate to us that you would your yarn skeined and washed.


 $8.00 / pr. + cost of making yarn.

Socks are 90% your fiber and 10% nylon and lycra. These are regular sock weight. Ankle, Crew and Sport socks are available in four foot sizes. 


 $9.50 / square foot + cost of making core spun yarn

 Rugs are woven from your fiber made into wool core-spun yarn. Sizes up to 12 feet wide.